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If you are new to the n.k.f.d., you might want to read some of the information below.

  1. What is this database for?
  2. How do I use it?
    1. How to use the Database Interface
    2. Search Tips
    3. How to create your Fan Profile
    4. How to update your Fan Profile
    5. How to replace your Fan Profile
  3. Other Information
    1. Possible Error messages, and their causes and solutions
    2. WARNING!
    3. Thanks!

What is this database for?

This database is specifically designed to store and allow simple updates to personal information about a fan of Nik Kershaw, and to allow Nik fans to read about each other and find another fan in their area, or with similar interests or qualities.
If you are a fan of Nik Kershaw, you are encouraged to Create your Fan Profile in this database. Other Nik fans will be able to read about you, and contact you if they like (and if you provide contact information such as an e-mail address).
It is also possible that in the future this database could become an official database of fans, allowing Nik and his team to accurately judge the amount of fan support he has on the Internet and World Wide Web.
This database is not currently endorsed or supported by Nik, or anyone in an "official" type capacity.
Right now, all you have to do is have fun! Read about other fans! Share your info with other fans! Make this database the best it can be! :)

How do I use it?

How to use the Database Interface...

Use the database interface to search for and read other Fan Profiles. Just enter your search criteria, and have fun!
  1. The Search form is at the top left. If necessary, you can go directly to the Search Page. The form at the top right is a jump box to help you get out of the Database Interface.
  2. For best results, read the Search Tips below.
  3. You may enter any text that is 25 or LESS characters long.
  4. If you want to just browse through all the Profiles in the database, search for *. You can also follow the "View All by Pagename" link, which appears just below the search results.
  5. If you are looking for a friend or fan with similar interests, just enter that as a keyword (i.e. I would enter "Auburn" to search for someone that lives near me).
  6. Results will appear in the frame on the left. Just choose the name of the Profile you want to view. That Profile will appear in this window.
  7. To get back to this page, follow the link that says "Main Page".

Search Tips...

Each term may be preceded by the standard Boolean operators not, and, or or. If you search for "dogs not pizzas", you'll find all documents containing the word "dogs" except those documents which also contain the word "pizzas". If you type in "and hot and dog and pizzas", you'll find only those documents which contain all three search terms. The default value is or. Thus, a search for "hot dog pizzas" would return pages with at least one of the three terms.

Altavista's shorthand notation works too. A search on "dogs -hot" is equivalent to the first example, and "+hot +dog +pizzas" will return the same documents as the second.

If a search term has at least one capital letter, like "parIS", the search will be case sensitive with respect to that word - that is, only documents containing "parIS" will be found. On the other hand, lowercase words like "paris" will generate hits from "Paris", "PARIS", or "parIS".

To group a collection of words, use quotes. For example, the query "Zoltan Milosevic" (quotes included) would not generate a hit from "Slobodan Milosevic met with Zoltan Smith". Without quotes, the sentence would count. Boolean operators can also act on quotations: a search on '+the +kitten not "the kitten"' would return only those documents where "the" and "kitten" appear separately.

Intermediate Search finds words, not strings. A search for "in" would turn up only that word, not "bin", "inside", or "acquaintance". To perform a string search, preface your term with the dollar sign - a query on "$in" would find all words lists above. Note that more complex wildcard searches using the asterisk are not permitted. Including the asterisk in your query will return a list of all files, but that's its only function.

These rules are based on Altavista's query syntax; a look at their Search Tips may prove useful. The original Simple Search was created by Matt Wright and can be found at Matt's Script Archive. Like Matt's script, our version is freeware and can easily be set up on most websites.

How to CREATE Your Fan Profile...

Follow these simple guidelines to avoid any problems when creating a new Profile.

  1. Form fields noted in RED are required.
  2. Password is CASE SENSITIVE. Choose it wisely.
  3. Pagename is user-assigned, and MUST be unique. ALL non-alphanumeric characters (including spaces, but you may use underscores "_") will be removed and uppercase will be changed to lowercase. Do not include the .htm or .html extension, the script will add that later.
  4. Only ONE e-mail address allowed. If you do not enter a correct address, you will not receive the e-mail confirmation of your Fan Profile Creation.
  5. HTML code is accepted in most fields, but please keep it to a minimum.
  6. To CREATE your Fan Profile go to the Fan Profile Creation Form.
  7. If you entered a valid e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your pagename, password, and Fan Profile URL for future reference.

How to UPDATE Your Fan Profile...

Follow these simple guidelines to update your Profile.

NOTE: Only recently created (or replaced) Profiles will have the new password form to make use of the new Updating feature. If your profile does not yet have this feature, you'll need to do a Profile Replacement to activate this new feature for your Profile. I apologize for any inconvenience.

  1. Do a search for your Profile, or view all Profiles by name
  2. View your Profile
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page (your profile). At the bottom of the page there will be a password entry form.
  4. Enter your correct (CaSe SeNsItIvE) password in the blank and submit the form
  5. Make any corrections or updates to the information in the subsequent form, and submit the form.
  6. Your Profile has been updated!

How to REPLACE Your old Fan Profile...

Follow these simple guidelines to avoid any problems when replacing your old Profile.

  1. Replace MEANS Replace. Any field left blank will also be blank in your Profile replacement.
  2. Form fields noted in RED are required.
  3. Pagename and Password MUST be IDENTICAL to original Pagename and Password or an error will occur.
  4. Only ONE e-mail address allowed. If you do not enter a correct address, you will not receive the e-mail confirmation of your Fan Profile Replacement.
  5. HTML code is accepted in most fields, but please keep it to a minimum.
  6. To REPLACE your Fan Profile, go to the Fan Profile Replacement Form. If a lot of information is to remain the same, it might help to load the form in a new browser window, and load your old Profile in this window so that you can copy and paste information from your old Profile into the form.
  7. If you entered a valid e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your pagename, password, and Fan Profile URL for future reference.

Other Information

ERROR Messages

These are some of the possible errors you may encounter along with their causes and solutions.

  1. "OOPS!"
    This error occurs when a required field is left blank. The missing field will be noted in the error message. To avoid this error, be sure to fill in all the required fields.
  2. "Permission Denied"
    This happens when you try to replace your Profile without providing the correct Password and Pagename. Fill in the CORRECT Password and Pagename, and the error will not occur.
  3. "The page name: pagename is already taken."
    Since Pagenames must be unique, and the name you entered is already in use, you must choose a different pagename. If you are in love with your first choice, try adding a number to it, like people do with AOL screen names.
  4. "You cannot name your page index."
    Choose a different pagename, please.
  5. "Internal Server Error"
    This error should no longer occur, but if it does it usually occurs when an incomplete e-mail address has been entered. Although the Fan Profile was created or replaced, the script failed when it tried to send you an e-mail. To avoid this error, leave the e-mail address field completely blank, or enter a complete e-mail address (for example: "myname" will not work, but "" will, even if it's not a real address). If you wish to enter a correct e-mail address after creating a new Profile, be sure to do a Profile Replacement instead of a new Profile.


This Database should NOT be considered secure by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, there's a password for each Profile, which should prevent tampering by the various malcontents, but will in no way stop a real hacker from messing things up. Treat this database as nothing more than a fun way to share some "fan" tidbits with other Nik fans.

It has been noted that certain unscrupulous people (namely perverts) *might* discover this site and use the information found in this database to contact you and some how seduce you or something. My point is, as with any repository of information on the internet, ANYONE can access it. So, if you're paranoid about this kind of thing, either don't include anything overly personal, or don't create your entry at all. I am *personally* not worried about this sort of thing, because I'm not stupid enough to place myself into a potentially dangerous situation with a complete stranger! I would hope that all of you would have the same common sense. If someone does contact you and you want to meet them, do so in a familiar public place, with lots of people, and a known escape route, and bring some kind of defense, like pepper spray or an alarm/whistle device. If you are a minor, bring your parent or an adult.


Intermediate Search, Version 1.1 is Copyright 1997 (freeware) by Fluid Dynamics. This search script was extensively modified by Greg Gaub for use in the Nik Kershaw Fan Database.

HomePageMaker v.1.6 (Basis for the Profile Creation/Update Script) written by Dave Palmer,, Modified by Greg Mathews, This script/code/source/related pages have been extensively modified by Greg Gaub to suit the needs of a Fan Database.

I'd like to specially thank Drew for hosting the NKFD on I'd also like to thank all the Nik fans that provided suggestions for this database. Suggestions continue to be welcome. There's no reason this database cannot continue to improve! To contact me directly, just send a message to with "NK-FD" in the subject.
-Greg Gaub