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For all those who missed out on the fantastic chat with Nik Kershaw online, below is the transcript of the session.

During the 80's, Nik Kershaw, had a string of hits including Wouldn't It Be Good and I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. He also enjoyed platinum status with his albums Human Racing and The Riddle. In the 90s, his success has continued, with the worldwide number one hit he wrote for Chesney Hawkes, The One and Only and Seventeen for Let Loose. He also wrote and sang Old Friend with Elton John on his 1993 Duets album. Nik Kershaw joined beeb for a chat to mark the release of his first new album and nationwide tour in 10 years."

Nik Kershaw live on beeb


Nik Kershaw: "About 3 years ago, I started getting ideas, that were too personal to me for anybody else to perform...so I started recording these tracks just to get them out of my head...and then I discovered I was making an album. I guess now just felt like the right time."

Jason M asks: "How does your new music differ from the old stuff?"

Nik Kershaw: "The new music is much simpler than the old stuff...most of it was written on an acoustic guitar where as in the 80's, I did most of my writing with computers. Also, I think the lyrics are much more to do with how I feel rather than saving the planet."

Paul O'Neil asks: "Are you here to stay now and do you have plans for any more duets?"

Nik Kershaw: "I feel very comfortable doing this at the moment but who's to say what I will feel like in a couple of years time? It would be nice to think I could choose to make another album whenever I felt like it. There are no current plans for any duets."

popster: "Do you use the Internet? Do you look at your fan sites?"

Nik Kershaw: "I do use the Internet - when I first got online, I typed my name in...being the egomaniac I am...and was amazed at how much stuff there was about me. I tend not to visit the sites too often so I don't have to look at those dodgy photos!"

Emma Lloyd asks: "Do you get tired of being lumped in with 80's revivalists all the time?"

Nik Kershaw: "Yes, I do...but it's to be expected. There is nothing about the 80's that I want to revive. I am here now because I have made an album I am very proud of and it would be nice if people could hear it."

George Kent asks: "The song 'Faces' has always intrigued me. Is it about drugs or even religion?"

Nik Kershaw: "I can't remember...but seriously, it's very difficult going back on old songs and trying to remember what you were thinking about when you wrote them...but I seem to remember it was about religion and the hypocrisy of some organised religions."

Daragh: "How hard has it been to get the enthusiasm back and record a new album?"

Nik Kershaw: "I didn't have to get too enthusiastic about it, it was almost as though I didn't have any choice. The album was recorded in small patches at my own studio, so I could just do some work on it when I felt like it."

Fraser Kelly asks: "Do you have any plans to come up to Scotland for any concerts in the near future?"

Nik Kershaw: "Yes...We will be playing The Garage in Glasgow on 20th March and I am really looking forward to it."

Carla: "I read somewhere you don't like The Riddle - is it true?"

Nik Kershaw: "No this is not true...but I did get fed up with people asking me what it meant, especially as it didn't mean anything at all."

Claes Sweden asks: "I'm a guy from Sweden and I wonder: do you come to Sweden? 15 minutes is the best album this year!!!"

Nik Kershaw: "Thanks Claes...We are hoping to be doing some dates in Sweden round about June."

pascal: "Wouldn't It Be Good accoustic is great...could you imagine to record unplugged or accoustic?"

Nik Kershaw: "Some songs work acoustic and some don't. I am often getting asked to do unplugged sessions and the new stuff lends itself to that very well, but it's sometimes difficult to get some of the old stuff to work."

SunnyDay: "Are you good mates with Elton John?...Can you phone him to go down the pub for a game of pool?"

Nik Kershaw: "I saw him in Tesco's the other day...Yes I am quite good friends with Elton, although I haven't spoken to him for quite a while. I've never been in a position where I thought I was a close enough mate to just call him up - he usually calls me."

Goonie: "Can I buy your 4 old albums on CD, 'cause my records were stolen?"

Nik Kershaw: "All the records were released on the CD but I think most have been deleted now but you may pick them up in a bargain bin somewhere."

Andrew Heath asks: "Hi Nik, firstly, I'd like to thank you for your inspirational music over the years. It has really made difference to my life. What were your early musical inspirations?"

Nik Kershaw: "Thanks Andrew...I first remember listening to my parents Simon and Garfunkel albums...but my heroes early on were David Bowie, T Rex and believe it or not, Deep Purple."

Harry Flashman asks: "How many points have you got on your Tescos loyalty card Nik?"

Nik Kershaw: "Not many but you should see Elton's!"

Rene: "Lots of American fans are wondering if there's any possibility of you coming to the States for a concert?"

Nik Kershaw: "I hope so...the album is released in the States on April 6th, and things are looking very promising. We hope to be doing some promotional gigs during the months after that."

sara73: "Hello from Italy. Could you please tell me if it's true you wrote Behind The Sun for Eric Clapton?"

Nik Kershaw: "Hi Sara...Did you write me a letter recently? Unfortunately it's not true."

Paul Double asks: "Are there any plans in the pipeline to release a compilation of your videos?"

Nik Kershaw: "Hi Paul...I thought we might hear from you...I don't have much to do with Universal Records anymore but I don't think there are any plans at the moment...See you on tour."

Obernoinkman: "Would you ever go on an '80s tour, like the ABC / Culture Club / Human League tour before Christmas? Do you consider yourself to be an '80s artist or a '90s artist?"

Nik Kershaw: "No I would never do a tour like that...I like to look forward not backwards. If I call myself a 90's artist, I'd be out of date next year."

bambi: "Hi Nik, how about a Canadian concert soon? I moved here 12 years ago and I saw you on my 16th birthday in Glasgow it would be great to see you again."

Nik Kershaw: "We hope to be coming to Toronto in late June to do some promotional gigs. I have got very fond memories of Canada and the reception I got out there."

Jane Bloggs asks: "If you could invite four people to dinner, who would they be?"

Nik Kershaw: "That's a difficult one...Delia Smith, PG Wodehouse, Groucho Marx and God."

stu1: "Who would you like to work with? And also, which of today's bands/artists do you like to listen to?"

Nik Kershaw: "I am a mad Radiohead fan but unfortunately they don't need my help."

Andrew Heath asks: "Nik, the new album contains a lot of religious references, God Bless, Find me an Angel, would you say you were a religious man?"

Nik Kershaw: "I don't follow any particular religion, I just make mine up as I go along...but I do believe in a right and a wrong."

straffer: "How is your wife doing Nik?"

Nik Kershaw: "Sheri's doing very well thanks...she's studying to be a psychotherapist in between looking after the kids."

Woodface: "What do u think of the version of My Oxygen by Richard Page? Did u meet him?"

Nik Kershaw: "I thought Richard Page's version of Oxygen was excellent...I didn't meet him but I have talked to him several times on the phone."

hound: "What artist would you most like to duet with?"

Nik Kershaw: "Who would I most like to duet with? Alanis Morrisette. That should be a laugh."

Thommo: "In God Bless you have the line 'God bless my football team' - who do you support if anyone?"

Nik Kershaw: "I am a fairweather Chelsea supporter. I was a fan in the 70's and now they are doing well again. Good luck for the replay."

Jane Bloggs asks: "Would you ever like to act?"

Nik Kershaw: "I wanted to be an actor before I wanted to be a musician but I have tried some since and know how difficult it is. I think I could only do it if the character I played was Nik Kershaw."

stu1: "What was the most unusual thing a fan has ever done to meet you?"

Nik Kershaw: "I remember once in Norway a fan came up to me and offered me a toothbrush...I have never quite figured that one out. Also in Japan, there were some fans hiding in some cupboards in a TV studio dressing room, that was pretty scary."

Andy D asks: "Nik, great new album. How disappointed are you with the lack of airplay that you've received recently? I've heard you on two radio interviews but have not heard a single song off the album being played on air."

Nik Kershaw: "You obviously don't listen to Radio 2...It was album of the week a couple of weeks ago. This business doesn't owe me anything so if I want to get my record played, I have to mix it up with the likes of Robbie. So I am not too disappointed in the response, especially as in other countries we have been receiving lots of airplay."

Andrew Heath asks: "The question we've all been wanting to ask: If you had just 15 minutes to live, what would you do?"

Nik Kershaw: "Buy a time machine. I guess I would like to spend it with my friends and family and a really good curry."

Jane Bloggs asks: "If you were invited to an 80's party, who would you go as?"

Nik Kershaw: "The Luton Girls Choir."

Shelly Kimber asks: "Are your children musical? Would you encourage them to go into music as a career?"

Nik Kershaw: "None of my kids have shown much interest although my youngest has a great voice and an uncanny gift at picking out a tune. If they wanted to do this, I'd give them every encouragement but it's not something I am pushing them into."

spielburg: "Would you like to write a film score? If so - what would the film be about?"

Nik Kershaw: "Yes I would like to write film music...but it's a bit of a closed shop. I am not too fussed what the film would be about although I don't think I would be too good with car chases."


Nik Kershaw: "A Formica coffee table."

Jacey: "Probably been asked a million times, but, I have waited umpteen years to find the answer - was there ever an answer to The Riddle?"

Nik Kershaw: "This is a bit of a long story...and this might upset a few people...but basically the lyrics to The Riddle were only ever meant to be a guide until I wrote the real lyric. Unfortunately it never got changed, and such was the fuss when it was released, there was never any good time to own up without upsetting a lot of people. So please forgive me."

Ginga: "Do you still remember how you felt when you first appeared on TOTP?"

Nik Kershaw: "Very nervous...It all seems so long ago but I do remember feeling very out of place and having seen a video of it recently, that's exactly how I looked."

The Bassman asks: "On the album The Riddle you played the track Easy with Mark King on bass. How did you get to know each other?"

Nik Kershaw: "This is another TOTP story...I was up in the bar before the show when Mark tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if he could play on the album. I figured he needed the work and I couldn't really say no. P.S. Only joking!"

Badger: "I don't think this is really you - you haven't answered any of my questions - do you work out questions and answers before hand? Boo hoo."

Nik Kershaw: "How can I prove it? Do you want my inside leg measurement? And no, I am answering these questions as we go along, such as my superfast wit and typing skills."

Allison: "Do you still have any of your 80's clothes (e.g. snoods and stripy trousers) at the back of your wardrobe?"

Nik Kershaw: "Yes, I still have a few...I get them out at Christmas for the kids to have a laugh at."

Thommo: "In some of your songs you mention the great actors Cagney and Valentino - are you a fan of old films?"

Nik Kershaw: "I am a fan of films full stop. Good ones that is. They make me think and have often been an inspiration for a song."

Badger: "Is it true that you were caught shoplifting when you were 15?"

Nik Kershaw: "No it's not true...I was never caught!"

Ginga: "Have you read Lost in Music by Giles Smith? What do you think of his portrayl of you in it?"

Nik Kershaw: "Yes I have, I thought it was hilarious and painfully true. I have recently tried to contact him but he doesn't seem to want to talk to me. Maybe he thinks I'll be carrying an axe when I meet him."

Claes Sweden asks: "Have you worked with Mauro Scocco from Sweden?"

Nik Kershaw: "Yes I have, it was quite a few years ago. I can't remember the song or whether he ever used it, maybe you can tell me."

stu1: "Can you still recall the feeling you had when you played Live Aid?"

Nik Kershaw: "It all seems a bit of a blur but if I had been an underpants salesman backstage I would have made a lot of money. I think it was very tense for everybody and things were on the edge all of the time. It's a miracle that it worked as well as it did and the credit to all those involved in making it happen."

hojo: "How does it feel to think that most of the women you meet these days who are in their early 30's, used to have your picture on their bedroom wall when they were 13."

Nik Kershaw: "I don't know who's more embarrassed, me or the women admitting it to me."

dominos: "What's your favourite pizza topping?"

Nik Kershaw: "You don't work for Smash Hits do you? I guess it will have to be Americana."

bambi: "Why have you been away for so long?"

Nik Kershaw: "I have been writing and producing records for other people...and I didn't think I would ever be doing this again. But now I am, it feels great to be back."

Topper: "Do you ever browse through the Nik Kershaw section in record shops, just to see what they've got? ;-)"

Nik Kershaw: "I can't believe you think I am so vain (yes I do)."

ronanBZ: "What's your opinion on the boy band/girl band thing? Do you feel a little to blame...?"

Nik Kershaw: "No, you can't blame me for that, at least I wrote all my own songs."

beeb: "Unfortunately, that's all Nik has time for today...but here he is with a final word..."

Nik Kershaw: "Well times up...I am sorry if I didn't get to answer your question and thanks a lot for your support...hope to see you on tour. Bye."

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