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  1. One Step Ahead
  2. Elisabeth's Eyes
  3. Take My Place
  4. Wounded Knee
  5. Cowboys & Indians
  6. One World
  7. Don't Ask Me
  8. Burning At Both Ends
  9. Lady on the Phone
  10. Walkabout

@SONG: One Step Ahead

I catch my breath and ready for the race to come
No prizes call, the contest is my opium
Since you can never be sure
When they're keeping the score
You must always be ready to run
I tense myself
Waiting for the starting gun
No time for fun

I work all day and I think all night
I break my body but that's alright
'Cos it'll take my mind and all my might
To keep one step ahead of you

I think to myself living is a winning school
Winning on your feet, winning on the street
Winning as a golden rule
It's seems there's always a test
And I'm doing my best
But there still seems a long way to go
I try myself
Trying everything I know
Pushing me so


Don't wanna know why
Don't wanna know how or when or who
One step ahead
One more step ahead just to get me through

I try my best
Here comes another test
So wicked, no rest

(Chorus 2x)

@SONG: Elisabeth's Eyes

I told my tale with some words
From jail and a Bible vow
But fear and fury were my judge and
Jury so here I am now
There was a letter

A hundred letters
I wrote a letter
It said "Hi! Mr. President I hope
You're fit and strong"
And I hope you'll give me every
Chance to live because they done me wrong

My hope lies in Elisabeth's eyes
Love I will never have known
My hope lies in Elisabeth's eyes

Still reeling I detect a feeling that I'm here to stay
Somebody locked me up
Somebody threw my key away
I got a letter
A single letter
I read the letter
It said "Hang in there boy
I am fighting for you still"
It was then I knew I really loved her too
I guess I always will


Another letter
The last letter
I wrote a letter
It said "Don't cry lady, you really shouldn't care"
Tuesday at seven I will find my heaven
And I'll see you there

(Chorus 2x)

@SONG: Take My Place

Rise and greet the great pretender
He's young and hungry for your crown

Do you want it?
Do yuo want my place?
You can take my place
Do you want it?
Do you want my place?
You can take my place

Heart of gold and mind of putty
They made me up they'll make you up as well


I know a thing or two
But I hope it's good for you

The time has come for abdication
So pass it on, yeah pass it on


I hope you'll understand
If it goes the way they planned

(Chorus to end)

@SONG: Wounded Knee

There we were, living on our island in the sun
Life was so easy, there was plenty for everyone
'Long come a white man who saw the milk and honey
Now we're making due while he's making all the money

Oh no, not a Wounded Knee
Another wheel stops rolling
Oh no, not a Wounded Knee again

There we were, living in our village in the trees
We were minding our own business,
We were doing as we please
'Long came a white man with attitudes and axes
Now we're doing overtime and paying lots of taxes


The promises and gifts he brings
In honor of the songs he sings
Are tearing us apart

We were pow-wowing to our hearts content
We had the great spirit, we didn't need a president
'Long came a white man from the civilised nations
Now he ain't having second thoughts
But we've got reservations

Oh no, not a Wounded Knee
Another wheel stops rolling
Oh no, not a Wounded Knee
Another bell starts tolling
Oh no, not a Wounded Knee
Another people starts calling
Oh no, not a Wounded Knee again

@SONG: Cowboys & Indians

I am a man with things to say
Got the real thing here without a doubt
My aim is true, I'm on my way
And I know what life is all about

I'll be around
One day
Gunslung civilians
I'll be around
We'll play
Cowboys and Indians
I'll be around and around and around and around

I am a man with things to sell
And I sell them for the highest bid
I know my job, I do it well
I think maybe I'm the sundance kid


Another shot
Another holler
Another bullet
Another dollar
Another day

I am a man without a cause
But that don't stop all the fun and games
I'm wild bill without his horse
I'm a modern day Jesse James


@SONG: One World

Sitting here feeding all these nimbers into my machine
A number for every little thing I see
I execute and they come dancing in
Dresses black and green
I recognise the number shining out at me
Telling me

One world, one love, one reason why
One hope, one dream, one reason why
One world, one love, one reason why
One hope, one dream, one reason why
One reason why

Many a good man stops to reason and pause for a while
Many a big man doesn't even try
And those who shold know better love the
Word in praise and letter
They wonder how and when
When I just wonder why I wonder


They're crying in future tenses
Tearing down the walls and fences
No matter how I count
It still comes to the same amount


@SONG: Don't Ask Me

Mr. K comes out to play
Inquisitive as ever
He'd like to know a bunch of things
He thinks you're pretty clever
The height of Cyd Charisse
The probability of chance
The capital of Turkey
And the president of France

Don't ask me, got no genius to mention
And I just don't know what to do, what to do
Don't ask me, I'm the father of invention
And you'll never know what is true, what is true

The origin of species
The date of Waterloo
Oppenheimer's shoe size
And the latitude of Timbuktu
The square root of thrity-eight
Why they call he-goats billy
The weight of Colonel Sanders
And the whereabouts of Chile


Before you go on may I make a suggestion
To get to the truth,
You must first know the question

(Chorus to end)

@SONG: Burning at Both Ends

What's the matter with your face?
What's the matter with they way you talk?
What you doing with that spoon?
You should be eating with a knife and fork
Take a look at your body
Take a look at your state of play
You've had your fun and now it's time to pay

I'm doing O.K.
Well look at me, I'm doing O.K.
Good, cos'

I'm burning at both ends
Running on spare juice
Living from line to line
I'm burning at both ends
Surviving on borrowed time

Maybe it's me who's doing it wrong
Maybe I'm falling behind
Maybe I'd come to your party
If I was the Hari Kari'ing kind
Sooner or later it'll catch you up
Sooner or later you'll see
You may not be around to disagree

Are you talking to me
You couldn't be talking to me
Good, cos'


@SONG: Lady on the Phone

Two-thirty on a Monday morning, I go
No particular worry or care
Down Santa Monica Boulevard, real slow
Just to see if that lady's still there
I don't know if I should
But maybe I could ask her something
I wonder 'bout the place she calls her home
You're not alone

Lady on the phone
Who are you calling
Who are you talking to now
Lady on the phone
Who knows your number
Who lives in your world and how

So another day comes round, life goes
On and lady's still making that call
No need to tell her there's a world out there
She knows
She just doesn't seem worried at all
I see someone in there
Beauty with the reddest of hair
And maybe not such a long, long time ago
You're not alone


When there are no more dimes to spend
Do operators call you friend
Does anybody know your name
Call me I'll play your game

I know
You're not alone


@SONG: Walkabout

There are walls to keep the stranger out
And doors that open wide
Over here, over here
Open spaces for a silent shout
A place for you to hide
Over here

Over here that feeling that fills my head
And smiles as as I take my time to bed

I hear someone calling me
Oh no
This certain space is not your place to go
I see someone standing there
Go away
Gone walkabout, not coming out today

Nothing ever seems to matter
And yet, nothing means so much
Over here, over here
No magic box or slight of hand
No mockery of touch
Over here

Over here I go but not to sleep
I hope there's something I can keep

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